Book: Social Media for Social Good

Heather Mansfield’s new book, “Social Media for Social Good” (McGraw Hill 2011) is jam packed with how-to’s, top lists, and solid advice for nonprofit communicators ready to polish — or just start — their use of social media tools. While I found many suggestions common sensical, having them presented in such a digestible manner is a real service.

Take her chapter section on wringing the most out of your e-newsletter. Heather gets right down to the nuts-and-bolts: “Send One to Three E-newsletters per Month and up to Six Fundraising Appeals per Year” or “Follow (others in Twitter) on a 1:1 Ratio” are typical headlines. Her advice may not apply to all or even most nonprofits but for those who are lost, the specificity offers good places to start.

Especially interesting to me were chapters dealing with the mobile web, touching on group text messaging, text-to-donate tools and location-placed communities. Again, Heather is specific in citing particular companies and services, and as well as best practices for a flurry of activities.

Find her via her site, “Nonprofit Tech. 2.0 Blog.”