Casa Verde is open and bringing hot tacos and cold beer to the fine people of Jamaica Plain! This is the third restaurant project we’ve done with David, Mari and Keith owners of popular¬†hangs: Tres Gatos and Centre Street Cafe. Casa Verde is a continuation on their sensibilities: cozy, eclectic, welcoming and delicious.

This project had a lot happenstance going for it. We were surprised to find ¬†the original warm red brick and moss colored wainscoting underneath the drywall. We kept much of the character and roughness of the original finishes. The bar was made from some of the site’s salvaged wood. We mixed and matched textures, colors and finishes inspired by the space. We got the terracotta pendants for over the bar and handmade tiles from Mexico. Our friend, Frank of American Handcraft made us a pile of wooden houses. We found some old Mexican movie posters, otomi embroidery for the walls and mounted cacti. Our old pals at Olsen Images mounted the mural.

Install days are always a favorite over here. That’s when we get to use our tools!