This year marks the 51st Anniversary of the Walk for Hunger. Patrick Hughes (left), father of Hairpin’s Kristen and Brendan along with their brother Joe, started the Walk and Project Bread while he was a priest at the Paulist Center in Boston. The fact that a Catholic priest had three kids is a story for another day. But if you met their mom, Marianne, you’d understand. He died in 1980.

Our dad was deeply committed to social justice. He fearlessly believed in the power of love. He was courageous in challenging injustice. He worked hard to express these values through his work and how he raised us kids. We vividly remember his ability to disarm and delight, witnessing this countless times throughout our childhood. He was an amazing storyteller and hilariously funny. He moved people. He inspired action. He provoked with patience. He spoke to the best in everyone.

At this point, he would want us to say that he was not special. He’d say he was just a guy from Houghs Neck in Quincy. He’d be wrong though. He was special.

The Walk for Hunger has raised millions of dollars to feed the hungry and tens of thousands walk every year. On this 51st walk let’s remember how much impact one human can make in this wide world. And, to remind ourselves to disarm and delight!

Shine bright – Kristen + Brendan