So, you’re changing the world. Tearing down the status quo. Taking on tired and toxic narratives. But wait! Before you make that next bold move – mind your step. Is everyone on your team aligned on the strategy? Are the right people at the table? Is your message consistent, complete, and compelling? Not sure? We’ve got your back!

Hairpin has designed daylong or multi-day workshop for teams of advocates, organizers, and movement builders like you. This inspiring workshop is focused on your work, your team dynamics, and your community context. We will help your team focus on your goals, get out of your own way, drop the jargon, and design experiences for your key audiences that feel (and are) inclusive, engaging, and important.

We bring the principles of authentic community engagement, strategic communications, brand strategy, and crisis response together in these fun, creative workshop that will leave your team feeling energized and ready to tackle the big problems you came to conquer.

You all should take this on the road! Our team found Mind Your Step to be remarkably relevant and helpful. It really feels like something that should (I wish) be mandatory — for leadership, for advocates, and community organizations. These skills are essential.  –  EVELYN

What You Will Learn

We will cover the fundamentals of engagement, strategic communications, and brand strategy. These are essential competencies to navigating the complex terrain of systemic change.

  • Learn how to brand your work to maximize community support, minimize misunderstanding, and replace conflict with collaboration.
  • Transform your approach to communication by learning the dos and don’ts of messaging change that are rooted in decades of social and cultural research.
  • Learn where the worlds of communication and community engagement align and diverge, and learn how to use both strategies to involve your community in the change process.

Our team of strategists and creatives have perfected this interactive workshop  to help those trying to change the world do change differently.

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