No risk, no reward

Two Boston-area foundations, the Barr Foundation and the Klarman Family Foundation, noticed a trend—the arts were thriving in Boston, but artists felt constrained by what they knew could pay the bills. What if these foundations paid artists to do something different? What would they do if they didn’t have to worry about keeping the lights on, paying their employees, or selling tickets to keep their doors open?

The Hairpin-produced Artistic Risk video series documents the journey of seven Boston-area arts organizations who were invited to take a risk of their choosing—something that would push the limits of their artistic vision without the threat of financial failure.

Barr Foundation
Video + Animation
Dissemination Strategy

Proving what’s possible

These videos combine documentary-style storytelling with the inspiration and passion of the artists themselves. Hairpin captured these unique experiences from start to finish: the ideas, the challenges, the victories, and even the disappointments.

Hairpin developed and designed digital toolkits and promotional strategy to share the Artistic Risk stories as powerful examples of what’s possible when arts organizations are given the opportunity and resources to do what they do best: create freely.