Growth industry

With just 10 acres and state-of-the-art greenhouses, Little Leaf Farms is proving there is a better, more sustainable way to grow. Little Leaf’s entire process is built around the needs of the plants and the health of the whole ecosystem. They use the power of the sun, harvested rainwater, hydroponics, and zero pesticides, ensuring the safest product. The freshness is unparalleled because it is cut, packaged, and delivered locally within 24 hours. Their lettuce even gets fan mail!

Who knew lettuce could be so fascinating? Hairpin was sent to document the whole inspiring cycle from seed to market and everything in between. Our crew was riveted and near hypnotized by the ingenious design of the greenhouses, hydroponic gutter system, and automated harvest. We found ourselves meditating on varying shades of green and pondering the stages of a plant’s life. These delicate plants, like us, thrive when nurtured and cared for.

Little Leaf Farms
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