The impact of a shared story

The National Association of Family, School, and Community Engagement (NAFSCE) is a leader in a growing field connecting us all with our local schools for the benefit of everyone. NAFSCE invested in framing research with the FrameWorks Institute to help investigate the ways Americans think and talk about family, school, and community engagement. The goal was to take this research to their field partners, encouraging them to shift the messaging they use to messaging and frames that research proves are most effective.

Hairpin, a long-time partner of the FrameWorks Institute, interpreted the research and developed a strategy to disseminate. In addition to the design and delivery of a series of in-person trainings deployed nationwide, Hairpin developed a digital toolkit full of resources, a how to video, a fun to use manual.

National Association for Family, School, and Community Engagement
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A collection of shareable, message-driven graphics

Tools for organizers and activists

As part of a dissemination strategy, we crafted a shareable, digital toolkit with resources for folks to frame their messaging and focus their communications—so the field can move forward, together!