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Quality learning can happen anywhere, anytime

At a time of increased remote learning across the country, VLACS experienced 200% growth in enrollment and record-level waitlists as students and families were desperate for quality online learning. To capitalize on and maintain this growth, particularly as schools began to return to in-person learning, VLACS tapped into their long standing relationship with Hairpin.

We worked with VLACS to refine their messaging at this time of profound change, communicating to the public that online education can be done well if you know what you’re doing. Our chosen tactic was a strategically-informed, cross-platform campaign to show how VLACS was a resource for both existing and new students during this transitory period, with the ultimate goal of increased student retention and enrollment.

Virtual Learning Academy (VLACS)
Brand Strategy
Brand Voice + Messaging
Campaign Design
Social Media
Web Design + Development
Presentation Design

This logo will not sit still!

First, we developed an attention-grabbing tagline—”Your Next Move!”—which we then adapted into a flexible suite of logos to brand all campaign materials, including social posts, presentations, email templates, and swag. We also delivered a communications plan to guide the launch of the campaign and inform related marketing and promotional efforts.

Using the VLACS website

To ground the campaign in the stories of real VLACS students, despite the limitations of the pandemic, we conducted COVID-safe virtual photoshoots in which our photographer guided and directed student participants over Zoom calls.