Healthy food for all

Wholesome Wave centers its work around a bold, essential belief: Access to nutritious food is a human right. As a national nonprofit working with and in communities across the country, their programs seek to solve nutrition insecurity by expanding access to fresh produce while enabling individuals to choose healthy foods that are right for them and their families. Key to their work is the “FED Principle,” which articulates that their approach is grounded in fidelity, equity, and dignity.

Wholesome Wave sought a partner to develop a fundraising and awareness campaign centered around the FED Principle. With our deep roots in food justice, Hairpin was all in!

Wholesome Wave
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Every body—well fed

We started by boiling Wholesome Wave’s mission to its essential core: Every Body. Well Fed. This statement served as the north star of our campaign, succinctly encompassing the commitment behind their work. It also captured that, instead of food insecurity, the framing of nutrition insecurity is more impactful (and accurate!) when working to shift the public narrative around hunger—each of us deserves to be well fed.

From there, Hairpin went to work on a detailed campaign strategy tailored for different audiences. We designed dazzlers for both digital and print—including swag to carry the campaign’s message far and wide—and crafted messages to resonate across platforms, email appeals, and pop-in pitches.

Fundraising efforts boosted!

As increased support was a major objective, Hairpin built and helped execute a fundraising strategy with specific, actionable goals and tactics. Key to this strategy was the design and launch of both a campaign landing page and donation page.

The Every Body. Well Fed. campaign resulted in a fundraising push that exceeded Wholesome Wave’s goal and far outperformed their past efforts. Wholesome Wave also reported that this work led to extraordinary board and staff participation, which spoke to the momentum building around the vision of Every Body. Well Fed.

“It's not an overstatement to say that we took a quantum leap, and the feedback from at least two of our more senior board members spoke volumes—specifically, that we've arrived at messaging that is both powerful and succinct.”

Ben Perkins Director of FED, Wholesome Wave