Scaling inclusive entrepreneurship

CommonWealth Kitchen (CWK) is a beacon of innovation. True trailblazers, they are transforming the local food economy by providing networked support, mentorship, training, and state-of-the-art facilities to food suppliers and entrepreneurs. They are doggedly determined to create an equitable, inclusive food system that sustains individuals, communities, and our planet.

We began our work with CommonWealth Kitchen at an important moment of inflection, opportunity, and growth for the organization. With an influx of funding and the acquisition of a new shared kitchen, the stars were aligning for a bold strategic reawakening—we jumped at the opportunity to help reintroduce this nonprofit powerhouse to the world.

CommonWealth Kitchen
Brand Strategy
Brand Voice + Messaging
Fundraising Strategy

Planting the seeds for strategic growth

A crucial piece of this puzzle involved equipping stakeholders, supporters, and believers with the tools and language they needed to spread the word about CommonWealth Kitchen’s game-changing impact. This meant teaming up with CWK leadership to clarify their brand—articulating the foundational what, why, and how behind their work, then communicating those principles via a crystal-clear brand narrative that can be adapted for various key audiences.

And to help drum up more support for CWK, we created a fundraising strategy—complete with time-bound, tactical recommendations—to activate a donor base around their vision to reshape the future of our food economy.