Public health is everywhere, everything, everyone

Harvard Chan School is consistently on the leading edge of public health innovation, working to improve health worldwide so everyone has a chance to thrive. Importantly, students, faculty, and staff at Harvard Chan understand how all-encompassing public health is—it intersects and interacts with so many different facets of our society and individual lives. (Often in unexpected ways!)

To showcase this importance and relevance, Hairpin developed a campaign for HSPH’s Office of Development and Alumni Relations, seeking to strengthen alumni connection, affinity, and support. We did so by capturing the stories of exceptional alumni who, despite working in diverse realms, are all making a notable impact on health equity, access, and outcomes.

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Model students

The campaign was centered around 12 profiles of alumni—our Public Health Champions. After helping select the group, Hairpin interviewed each champion one-on-one, learning about their Harvard Chan experience and unique public health focus and impact.

In-person, on campus

The Public Health Champions identity is flexibly designed to work in a range of contexts, providing the HSPH team with more opportunities to spread the word on campus and beyond, helping every student (past and present) to think of themselves as a champion.