Innovative solutions build stronger food systems

The Henry P. Kendall Foundation, a Boston-based grantmaker, supports healthy food systems in New England by investing in innovative projects that strengthen networks and drive the production and consumption of local, sustainably-produced food.

Inspired by their systemic approach to improving New England’s food system—in particular, their attention to equitable distribution of assets to account for historical disparities—Hairpin has partnered with the Kendall Foundation since 2011, helping them maintain and nurture their brand.

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Supporting innovative food system solutions

Hairpin helped conceive of, then design and develop, the foundation’s signature initiative: the New England Food Vision Prize. This is a multi-year, $6 million commitment aimed at building resiliency, relationships, and capacity within New England’s farm-to-institution food supply chain. The prize program brings together public school districts and higher education institutions with farmers, fishers, distributors, food hubs, and other food system stakeholders to expand collaboration and increase regionally-produced food in education institutions across New England.