Fighting for the promise of public education

The Partnership for the Future of Learning is a collaboration among the nation’s leading advocates, funders, researchers, and policy leaders dedicated to modernizing and strengthening America’s public education system so it meets the needs of all kids. As an initiative involving more than 700 individuals, 250 organizations, and 25 foundations, it was critical for the Partnership to present its look, feel, and voice in a consistent, memorable, and collaborative way.

Our work with the Partnership originates from our shared, core belief that the future of learning is here—it’s just not evenly distributed. Our branding and identity work sought to amplify this concept, highlighting the need for equitable distribution of resources for those schools and districts that have been underfunded and ignored by power structures, leading to persistent generational achievement gaps.

Partnership for the Future of Learning
Brand Strategy
Brand Voice + Messaging
Organizational Strategy
Theory of Change Development
Visual Identity
Web Design + Development

Shaping a shared vision and voice

Hairpin worked with leadership, as well as a representative group of partner members, to develop a brand strategy that articulated the desired public posture of the Partnership and navigated tricky dynamics among and between many of the partners. Then, we transformed this brand strategy into messaging, giving members powerful tools to solicit funding, justify membership, and initiate collective action.

In addition to supporting the Partnership through a foundational brand-building process, Hairpin produced a dynamic, animated video to make the group’s vision for the future of public education clear to the world. Finally, we designed and developed a new website to showcase the Partnership’s work and its extensive collection of shareable resources.

Photo by Allison Shelley/The Verbatim Agency for EDUimages